Monday, April 8, 2019

So my newest assignment is to show my creative process when coming up with an idea for a digital story. My problem in writing classes has always been my imagination because I never really developed a very good one. I usually need a starting point or a topic in order to write a story. It is hard for me to come up with the basis for a story without being led there by someone else. I am going to try to write a story about a family and the problems and triumphs that they encounter. I can only write based on my own experiences because I usually need something to draw from. It is hard for me to come up with ideas for things that I have never been through. It has always amazed me how authors can write a whole book about things that never happened to them, to be able to come up with people and places that are all imaginary. That has always impressed me because I dont know how it is done. I am going to write a story that shows how a family can be brought to their knees but still at the end of the day love each other and have each others backs. They could be going on an adventure, or just living daily life, I think there are a lot of places I could go with that idea. I could also write about on of their lives individually and what that person encounters on their everyday life. He could be almost grown and I could talk about his decsions that he has to make to start the rest of his life. I could also pick one of the younger kids and write about how she feels about losing her brother to college soon and how that will affect her life. we could delve into the parents thought and feelings about how the family will be affected by one of them leaving home to go to college. It is hard to think about one of your kids leaving the house for good because your job of teaching them about life is pretty much over and now you have to see if they can fly on their own. I imagine it would be difficult to realize that you have to let your kids go out on their own and you no longer have a say about their everyday life. I think that would be a very interesting story to tell. I could also write about them all going on a vacation together before the oldest goes off to college and the adventure that would entail. Where would they go and what would they encounter.

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