Friday, April 26, 2019


I have learned numerous things during my semester of digital story telling. One of the first things that I have learned is that I like reading stories more than I like writing them. I always thought that writing stories would be fun, but it turns out I am not as creative as I would like to be. I have also learned that there are way more genres of digital storytelling than I assumed there was. I really like to read horror blogs and I have found that there are a lot of them online just waiting to be found. I never realized before how many blogs were out there although I never really looked before. I loved reading about the Slenderman and small town noir. I found it exciting going through the adventure cave and trying to figure out what was going to come next.
The visual stories that I found were exciting and interesting because there were no words to guide you but still got the point across.  I found that I like writing reviews of stories and that it comes easy to me unlike just sitting down and creating a story out of nothing. That part of my class was hard for me but luckily I only had to do that once. Looking back at where I started on the first day of class I have a newfound respect for writers and their process because it is not as easy as I thought. You cant just sit down and write a book with no knowledge of the process so I think going forward I will enjoy reading stories more because I now know what goes into it and how hard it really is. I thoroughly enjoyed reading all of my classmates blogs and got to know those personas fairly well. Most of my classmates seem to be very talented and I think they will continue creating because they are good at it.

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