Friday, February 1, 2019

Slender Man

I decided to read Slender Man, mostly because I have heard of this phenomenon before and it interests me. The Plot of the story is that there is a girl, Lindsay who wakes up in the middle of the night and is chilled. She goes to get a cup of coffee and cant shake the bad feeling that she is having. She decides that if she looks out the peephole it will calm her nerves. She looks out the front door and sees the frightening Slender Man. She spills coffee on herself and tries to get away but he is coming after her. The last scene is her hiding in her house and then darkness. It then cuts to her sister finding her in the hospital after being maimed. The doctors think she self inflicted the wounds on her body. Her eyes and ears were gouged. I think it is fair to say she didn't want to see or hear him if the wounds were self inflicted. I wouldn't want any part of that, that's for sure. I think the conflict of the story is between her and the slender man who comes into her house uninvited. The struggle is  between her wanting to get away from him and him wanting to get to her and it is very suspenseful. I think this story is kind of what Bryan Alexander was referring to when talking about "one post stories". The Slender Man blog does contain one main post about the Slender Man and then some pictures that are supposed to contain his image. There are also lots of comments and other stories related to the main post that were added later. Creepy Pasta also uses a black background to infer gloom as stated in chapter 4 of digital storytelling to be an accent to give that sense.

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  1. Great reading of Slenderman, especially your clear plot summary and how you noticed external conflict being used!